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There is a need for new secondary school places in Hounslow because the population is growing very quickly. In fact the deficit is projected as 11fe by 2018 and eventually growing to 36fe. The Green School for Boys will help to address the basic need for places in Hounslow.

There is no Church of England school for boys in Hounslow and Church of England schools in other boroughs are oversubscribed. Families often ask at The Green School why their boys can’t have a Church of England secondary education and we want boys to have the same choice that is available to girls.

That is why The Green School Trust has applied to set up The Green School for Boys.

The images currently on this website represent examples of architectural design drawings of a generic school environment. They do not accurately portray what the new school will look like, as we will not be in a position to show this until Spring/Summer 2014.

The Green School for Boys Proposal - facts and figures

Opening date:                           September 2016
Number of students per year: 180
September 2016 intake:         One year 7 cohort of 180 boys
Eventual age range:                 11-18
Type of school:                         Church of England Free School
Specialism:                               Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
Admissions:                              A balance of ‘Foundation’ places and ‘Open’ places

The Green School Trust is pleased that the Department for Education has recognised the strengths of our proposal to open The Green School for Boys in 2016 stating that our application:    


Proposal to open The Green School for Boys in 2016 


This is now public news 


The Department has identified minor issues for clarification and has encouraged The Trust to reapply in October, with a view to the school opening as planned in September 2016. 

 We are disappointed by this temporary setback but it has caused us to be even more determined to realise our vision to open The Green School for Boys.


  • Demonstrates successful engagement with a broad section of the local community, resulting in good evidence of parental demand.


  • Demonstrates  the strong track record of the existing girls’ school


  • Offers a credible proposal with a clear rational for establishing a Church of England boys’ school in Hounslow


Jill Coughlan

Interim Headteacher


Best Wishes


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