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20th March 2015
I spent Tuesday with Clare Arnold (Chair of The Green School Trust) at a conference run by the Department for Education for groups whose free school applications have just been approved. We can now confirm that The Green School for Boys will open in September 2017 and we can also share with you some updates about our site.

Jill Coughlan
Chief Executive, Green School Trust
The Green School for Boys Proposal - facts and figures
Opening date:
September 2017
Number of students per year:
September 2017 intake:
One year 7 cohort of 180 boys
Eventual age range
Type of School
Church of England Free School
Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
A balance of ‘Foundation’ places and ‘Open’ places

Project Updates

20th March 2015

Green School for Boys to open in September 2017

This has been confirmed to us by the DfE this week. We realise that this will be good news for many parents but will be disappointing for those who wanted their sons to transfer to the new school in 2016. We understand that approval was given for 2017 because there is a greater need in that year for secondary school places in the local area. We thank everyone who has supported our initiative to open the new school and hope that many of the 2016 cohort of parents will continue to follow our journey to opening in 2017. Your ideas have helped us to shape our vision, Again, thank you.

Planning an excellent school
We will receive our start-up funding shortly and are setting up systems to turn our plans for TGS Boys in Isleworth into a reality for that first day in September 2017. We would like to thank all those who have been in touch over the last few days with good wishes and to offer support. We will be involving you and keeping you involved over the next two to three years.

Site update

There is further good news on the school site: we have learned that currently the Department for Education is exploring the possibility of a site that is within a few minutes walking distance of the girls’ school. A 2017 start will give us time to plan our school site very carefully and to make sure that our first cohort of boys have an excellent education from the first day that they arrive.

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09 March 2015 – The Green School for Boys receives Department for Education approval to open

The Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister, today visited The Green School for Girls where he announced the success of the bid to open The Green School for Boys.

The Green School for Boys will be a Church of England secondary free school with an academically rigorous STEM specialism (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), strong careers advice and an active, creative approach to teaching and learning. The school plans to admit up to 180 boys in each cohort, starting with Year 7 and adding a new cohort each year until the school includes students from Year 7 to Year 13.

As Chief Executive of The Green School Trust, Jill Coughlan will lead the education and curriculum development for the new boys’ school. She commented: “Girls’ academic achievement nationally outstrips that of boys. Many of the strategies used to address the historic underachievement of girls were spearheaded in single sex girls’ schools. We intend to replicate this success for boys.”

Parents have been asking The Green School Trust about a boys’ school to match the quality and ethos of the girls’ school for years. Clare Arnold, Chair of The Green School Trust, said: “We are very pleased to have this opportunity to extend our provision so that we can offer an excellent education within an inclusive Christian environment to local boys as well as to girls.”

 As a Church of England school, The Green School for Boys will be supported by the London Diocesan Board for Schools which has a proven track record through its 156 schools and more recent success in opening free and other new schools. Inigo Woolf, Chief Executive at LDBS: “LDBS has provided 8,000 new places for children in Church of England schools in the last seven years. Our primary schools in Hounslow will be delighted that at long last there will be a CofE secondary school for boys.”

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