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Welcome to The Green School for Boys

Why are we proposing to open The Green School for Boys in September 2016?

There is a need for new secondary school places in Hounslow because the population is growing very quickly. In fact the deficit is projected as 11fe by 2017 and eventually growing to 32fe in 2019. The Green School for Boys will help to address the basic need for places in Hounslow.

There is no Church of England school for boys in Hounslow and Church of England schools in other boroughs are oversubscribed. Families often ask at The Green School why their boys can’t have a Church of England secondary education and we want boys to have the same choice that is available to girls.

At what stage are we in the department for education application process?

The bid team attended an interview at the Department for Education on the 29th January for the proposal to open a Green School for Boys in September 2016.  A decision is expected by the end of March 2015.  We will let you know the outcome on this website as soon as we have the information. 

Bid Team
Clare Arnold
Jill Coughlan
Gavin Bennett
Penny Roberts
John Wiffen

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The Green School for Boys Proposal - facts and figures

Opening date:
September 2016
Number of students per year:
September 2016 intake:
One year 7 cohort of 180 boys
Eventual age range
Type of School
Church of England Free School
Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
A balance of ‘Foundation’ places and ‘Open’ places